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A dental implant is a metal screw surgically placed into the bone underneath your gum tissue in the place where a tooth used to be. Does that sound painful? Many people are scared of dental implants for that very reason. The reality, however, is that dental implants don’t hurt anywhere near as bad as it seems they should.


Does it Really Hurt to Get a Dental Implant?

The answer here is: no, getting a dental implant doesn’t hurt as much as you may assume it would! Your mouth will be completely numb before any dental implant drilling starts. You won’t feel much during the procedure. At Evergreen Dental, we provide the perfect level of dental anaesthesia to keep you comfortable the entire time.

While you won’t feel any pain during your dental implant procedure, you might notice a little pressure. Your mouth might also feel tired from holding it open for minutes at a time. But here at Evergreen, our implant surgical team will ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to rest.


Dental Implant Pain — Not As Bad As You Think!

Dental implants can be uncomfortable right after they’re placed. But many dental implant recipients report that they were pleasantly surprised at how little pain they were in after the procedure.

There are things that are far more painful than getting a dental implant. Dental procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions may be much more uncomfortable than undergoing dental implant surgery. Most oral health problems, too, like dental abscess can be much more painful than a dental implant procedure.

The whole dental implant procedure done here at Evergreen Dental is reliable and efficient. Furthermore, in general, dental implant surgery is one of the most successful treatments in dentistry, so you have nothing to fear about getting an implant!


How to Manage Dental Implant Pain

You will likely start to feel some discomfort once the anaesthesia wears off after your procedure. Getting an implant can cause some swelling and tenderness around your mouth. To mitigate the swelling and you can try the following:

  • Take an over-the-counter painkiller or one prescribed by an implant dentist
  • Apply ice packs to the outside of your mouth
  • Very gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water
  • Avoid brushing and flossing around the dental implant site for a few days
  • Avoid chewing on the side of your mouth that had the implant placed
  • Get plenty of rest


Living the Good Life with a Dental Implant

Once your dental implant placement procedure is all done, you’re set to enjoy countless years of comfortable chewing and confident smiling.

Contrary to popular belief, getting dental implants is not as painful as others expect. You can still eat the usual foods you love to consume, but of course, being conscientious in taking care of the implants is also understandable. Gentle and careful cleaning of your implants with daily brushing and flossing are .

You will get so used to life with a dental implant that you may even forget it’s there! That said, dental implant pain is usually a sign of trouble. A dental implant placement shouldn’t hurt once it has successfully healed. Pain could mean that there is an infection or that your implant has been bumped out of place.

You should contact a Chatswood dental implant dentist right away if your dental implant suddenly starts hurting.


Gentle Dental Implants in Chatswood

At Evergreen Dental, we take pride in trying our best to help our patients have the most comfortable and pain-free treatment experience possible. We’ll do everything we can to make your dental implant surgery a very gentle process. If you have any difficulties during recovery, we will offer tips that can make you more comfortable and speed up your healing.


Are you interested in getting implant? Do you have any concerns with any current implants you may have? Call our gentle Evergreen Chatswood dental clinic today on (02) 8599 7103 to book an appointment.